Palm Garden

Botanical Garden

Plants. Life. Culture

“Plant, Life, Culture” has been the slogan of the Palm Garden since 1997, which also marks the undisputed special feature of this garden in the signet. Since its inception, Frankfurt’s traditional institution has been a place where plants from all parts of the world can be discovered. At the same time, the Palm Garden is considered to be a haven of muse, music, rest and discerning sociability, as the heart of the garden, the historic Palm House, reveals with its “flora”.
At the regional level, the garden is involved in the “Bio Frankfurt” network. It brings together 16 institutes from research, education, nature conservation and development cooperation to work together to conserve biodiversity and to pass on their knowledge and experience to the public. A partnership with the Zoological Garden and the Senckenberg Museum pools the efforts of these three traditional Frankfurt institutions for the protection of biological diversity. In addition to maintaining its stocks, the Palme Garden not only maintains an international exchange of seeds with all the botanical gardens in the world, but also designated conservation cultures.

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