Goethe Street

Shopping Street

Luxury shopping at Goethestraße

If you want to get to know the Main metropolis from its most expensive side, you have to stroll from the Opernplatz over the Goethestraße to the Rathenauplatz. Incidentally, due to its total length of only 280 meters, it is dubbed the “Luxury-Alley”, whose namesake is none other than Germany’s most famous poet.
With more than 2,000 people passing by per hour, Goethestraße is the fourth most visited luxury shopping streets right after the Düsseldorfer “Kö”, the “Kurfürstendamm” in Berlin and the Munich “Maximilianstraße”. World-famous brands meet here – the who’s who of luxury producers is almost complete: from A as in Airfield, Allure, Aubade, over C as in Jimmy Choo or Cartier, L like Lalique and Longchamp to Tiffany and Wempe. In addition, there are numerous boutiques of long-established families, offering an exotic selection of fashion collections and sumptuous accessories.

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